Horses of all disciplines and abilities can benefit from physiotherapy, it is not just for elite competition horses. Physiotherapy can have a positive effect on any horse including those for used hacking right through to racing, eventing, show jumping and dressage.

Equine Physio Services work with a wide range of clients throughout Yorkshire including owners, trainers, riders and breeders on both an ad-hoc and retained basis. We have worked with over 700 + clients to date following veterinary referral.

Horses are similar to humans in that they compensate for pain by adapting their posture and gait which means physiological issues can go unnoticed. As an owner, trainer, rider or breeder it is important to recognize any behavioral changes which may be the horses’ way of communicating to you that they are in discomfort.

Common signs of discomfort in horses can include:

  • Schooling issues such as: disunited canter, unable to achieve the correct canter lead, rushing, poor transitions, struggling to work in an outline or lack of bend.
  • Decline in performance and refusing jumps
  • Behavioural issues such as rearing, bucking and napping.
  • Change in temperament
  • Lameness
  • Lack of gait symmetry and / or straightness.
  • Loss of muscle / uneven muscular development.
  • Head shaking
  • Uneven shoe wear
  • Saddle slipping

All horses and ponies will benefit from being pain free and having supple, symmetrical muscles and gait. It is good practice to book in for a routine physiotherapy even if your horse has no specific injury or issues presenting. Routine checks enable early detection and allows your animal to perform happily and to its optimum ability.


  • "Faith has given me greater knowledge in body awareness and core muscle strength which has led to me and my horse's working better as a team. I would recommend that all horse riders should go for an assessment with Faith - there will be a clear difference in your riding position afterwards! It is paramount my horses are happy and comfortable in order to produce optimum performances. She is very professional in her treatments, providing you with good feedback, and making sure you know what you are doing with the exercises she leaves you to do afterwards.”

    Beatrice Stocks – British Eventing Coach

  • Faith treated me both as a junior in the academy and also as a senior first team player. She has worked with me on a number of my injuries in the past, on my rehab and also fitness drills to regain my match fitness. Faith's knowledge, experience and professionalism is top class and it has been a pleasure to have had the chance to work with her.

    Mr Sam Byram, Premiership Footballer, West Ham United.

  • Professional riding instructor and British Dressage competitor. Faith has been treating my horse for over a year now, she has helped me so much to achieve what I have with him when everyone else wrote him off due to his conformation. Faith really cares about her work and the horses. Without her I know my horse wouldn't feel as good as he does! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

    Miss Samantha Buttery

  • I have been using Faith for all our horses as well as riders and clients horses on a regular basis, our horses are working at the highest levels and I feel it's of great importance to have the best support team to maintain them. Faith is an integral part of this, she keeps us all in top working order and able to perform at our best.

    Mrs Caroline Saynor, Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Instructor

  • I worked closely with Faith for 5 years at Leeds United Football Club. She was an extremely valued member of the medical team.

    Harvey Sharman MCSP , Director of Medical Services- Washington Nationals Baseball team

  • Faith always shows commitment and passion to her work. I would recommend her service for all areas of physiotherapy management for both horses and riders.

    Mr Alan Fazakerley, Great Britain Junior Chief d’Equipe, British Show jumping.